More than just business photos: approachable and credible insights

with the 40knots Poolshooting

Employer branding means telling a story about what it's like to work for you.

Every technology company has a story to tell: a story about how its people treat each other, what makes them tick as a community, what is important to them and what makes new talent want to work there.

This story is the core of any successful employer branding, because it gives credibility to the promises made and written.

We help you to capture your story in strong, approachable photos and take your recruiting to the next level.</mark

The challenge

Your company is not like all the others - so why should it look like this?

We live in an extremely visual world. A large part of our perception is determined by visual impressions, which both directly and subliminally tell us something about our counterpart. The range of available image material is correspondingly vast. Numerous websites provide high-quality material, often completely free of charge. Dozens of A.I. tools help to create and manipulate images. However, this oversupply is also the reason why interchangeability and boredom dominate many corporate websites. The visitor always sees the same thing – and therefore nothing.

Interchangeability leads to

  • Challenges in finding the right talent
  • Difficulties in building a strong employer brand
  • Problems differentiating themselves from the competition in the B2B environment

Better not: pages and pages of boredom with the same old pictures. (Source: Google Images / Shutterstock)

Let's do it better

Is it still work when it's fun?

Our idea for an authentic, credible employee photo shoot in a reportage style was not born in the darkroom, but from our experience with many, many projects: After years of working with what was available as images, we realised that the status quo simply doesn’t work. Staged or interchangeable photos ensure that all communication misses its target. With our 40knots pool shoot, we have developed an ideal format in which everyone wins: Recruiting agencies, HR managers, marketing and employer branding specialists get the images they need for an emotional, credible approach to talent, employees feel valued and are proud to give the company a (their!) face and we have a great day together at the shoot itself.

Our pool shoot brings or helps with:

  • Unique photos that give a real insight into the company
  • Great, appreciative event for employees
  • Versatile images that can be used in many ways
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Credible proof of offers, services & promises

For you in action.

For you in action.aAnd what do you want to show the world? Let's plan it together
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Maren Scheurer

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And what do you want to show the world? Let's plan it together.
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Six good reasons why we should definitely work together.

Brand Experts

Our business is brands: That's why we don't just take photos, we tell your story.

Strategic Thinking

Photos never take place in isolation. We always look at the whole picture: What do you want to achieve and what effect do you want to have?

Technical Experts

Do you know how hot a soldering iron gets? These models (link) apparently had to experience this painfully. So that your pictures don't become painfully embarrassing, you have technical experts on board with us. We listen and understand.

We are humans, too

What counts most when taking photos is the dialogue with people. We do everything we can to make your employees feel comfortable during the shoot and look forward to the pictures.

Transparent Pricing

You will receive all images at a fixed price, including the complete, required usage rights.

Multi Purpose

The aim of our photo shoot is to make your inner feeling visible to the outside world. The resulting images can be used for many corporate communication purposes.

And many more.

»Thanks to the many real photos of the team on the website, I was able to get an idea of what makes my potential future employer tick even before the initial contact. It made a very professional impression and the pictures gave the names I met in the interview a personality in advance.«

— Christopher Rieß, Sales Manager at FRAMEWORK ROBOTICS GmbH

The process:It couldn't be simpler ...

01. Book an appointment

You book an appointment via our online calendar, we talk about your project and clarify any open questions.

02. Pick a date

We agree the date for the shoot at your place. In preparation, we will advise you and clarify responsibilities.

03 The big day

We come to you and capture real people, situations and products in authentic photos.

04. Post-Production

We select the best images for you and carry out a basic image retouching.

05. Data Delivery

The images are supplied as digital data including the transfer of all image rights (unrestricted in terms of space and time, non-exclusive).

Still have questions?Or do you want to get started right away?
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Maren Scheurer

01522 259 78 26 ·

Still have questions? Or do you want to get started right away?
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